Fair Use Policy

"Much as the same as any other genuine academic writing institution, sample papers and academic support services provided by Premier Essays are to be utilized for “reference and research purposes only".

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We are glad to express that our administration empowers students to extend their insight and get a more profound comprehension of the academic work needing to be done. For instance, in case you were needed to complete a SWOT examination on a particular company, our expert writers will produce a current SWOT and Poster Five Forces Analysis on a similar organization so you can review it as an example for exploration. It will direct you to effectively finish your paper! Students who utilize our services consistently improve their evaluations. While putting in your request/order with Premier Essays, you can be sure that your data will be protected as per the Data Protection Act 1998. Besides, the academic assistance provided by Premier Essays is 100% private and confidential, which implies that your data or any of the work shared with use won't be sent to any outsider. We are 100% certain that you can improve your academic score by utilizing our services in a fairway. We demand you to understand your obligation and abstain from abusing our services and try not to put your profession in danger.

Is It Cheating?

Requesting support or a paper from Premier Essays doesn't make you a cheat. Getting academic writing assistance is a need for many students around the globe, particularly due to the following reasons;

  • Individual sickness constrained you to attend a course or getting the relevant data from the supervisor
  • The college staff didn't furnish you with any supportive model material or reference resources
  • You couldn't stand out enough to be noticed and did not ask for the academic support you needed
  • Your college guide has not been exceptionally useful.
  • English isn't your local language.

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How to use our service?

As enticing as it may be, to present our model paper as your own is not how our services are to be utilized. To fairly use our services, you should take the model answer we give as a premise to your further (individual) research and expand on the provided information to make your own 100% unique work.

We're enthusiastic about providing quality student support and we need you to maximize your college degree results. Misuse of the model answer we provide would do damage to you, as it might keep you from getting the information you need with regards to the module's assessments.

Our model answer gives students an illustration of how a particular inquiry or an assessment can be handled. It may not be the only way a paper/assessment could be completed, and to be sure, you may frame a totally new view to the paper, yet the model answer will give you a solid beginning stage from which to direct your own research and compose your own work.

The right method to utilize our model answer is; peruse the whole model answer with the goal that you totally see how the inquiry has been replied. Re-read each segment or section inside the model answer and make notes.  Attempt to build up your own thoughts from the notes you have taken. Peruse all the data you have accumulated and make further notes on what you need to remember for your own work.  Utilize the model answer that our specialist team member has drafted as a manual for creating your own work. For instance, gain from the structure utilized, the methodology used and amount of reference sources utilized and the degree of basic investigations applied inside the work.

We Guarantee that your last bit of work will be 100% unique and will be drafted by utilizing your own thoughts and point of view.

Delivering crafted work by a specialist is literary theft since you are making another person's words look like your own. Regardless of whether you made minor adjustments to the specialist's work, this would in any case be viewed as counterfeiting; the work you submit to your college should be completely your own. The custom examination we give will be of far more prominent advantage to you if you sue it as per this Fair Use Policy. You'll improve your evaluation, figure out how to compose an incredible bit of work and feel an extraordinary feeling of fulfilment for having worked so admirably!


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